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Urich focuses on absolute returns, and adheres to steady and sustainable investment. On the premise of comprehensive risk management, Urich strictly complies with the standards of investment discipline, and strives to bring steady returns to clients and achieve mutual growth, through prudent investment, forward-looking macro research, professional credit analysis and diligent services.

Fixed Income

Fixed-income investment, based on the principles of controlling risk and conservative style, implements prudent management in asset allocation, securities selection and trading strategies, and strives to achieve a higher risk-adjusted yield, under the premise of security and liquidity, through macro research, bonds study and credit analysis, using methods of interest rate forecast, yield curve forecast and relative evaluation.


Within the integrated framework of fixed-income investment, major investment strategies including:

a.Credit Bonds Investment Strategy: mainly configure credit bonds. Based on rigorous risk management, through professional credit analysis and forward-looking trend analysis of credit spreads, Urich strives to get credit premium and achieve steady investment returns to the maximum.

b.Band Operation and Arbitrage: through in-depth analysis of macro economics, monetary policy, bond market and liquidity, took the opportunities of band operation and arbitrage aggressively.

c.Revenue Enhancement Strategy: adopt active investment strategies including duration strategy, riding the yield curve strategy, spreads on strategy and so on; provide positive contributions to excessive profits.


Urich¡¯s research emphasizes foresight and efficiency, and carried out the principle of "research support investment"; through in-depth analysis of macro economy, inflation, monetary policy and the bond market, research provides strong support for investment decision-making and risk management.

3.Credit Analysis

Orientation: Credit analysis serves for investment decision-making, and emphasizes accuracy and foresight; credit analysis is independent with investment decision-making, and focuses on risk management.


a.Focus on credit risk management: set up an independent department equipped with experienced analyst

b.Well-established regulations: include Credit Rating Management, SME Private Debt Investment, Risk Management and so on

c.Comprehensive system: build fundamental rating framework, set up rating models by industry and early warning signals


a.Strict bond pool management

b.Comprehensive track rating management

c.Continuous credit risk monitoring

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